About Our Founder

Born and raised in Thunder Bay Ontario Aleesha graduated Culinary school at age 21 and needed a change! So she packed up her bags and moved to Medicine Hat Alberta.

After spending a few years working in the retail and oilfield business she started creating cakes for her niece and nephew birthdays and rediscovered her love for baking.

Taking a huge step she quit her jobs and built a homebased kitchen in her basement and opened up Sweet Obsession Custom Cakes Ltd. and never looked back!

Aleesha has created hundreds of cakes and cupcakes the past 13 years and pours all her passion and love into each cake she creates, tasting each batter and icing as she goes along to make sure she’s always producing a high quality tasting product as well.

Aleesha loves connecting with her clients to come up with a fantastic product custom to each persons needs.


About Sweet Obsession Cakes


Being a home business, where do you bake/decorate your cakes?

I have a completely separate kitchen located in my basement, which has been approved by the city and inspected by the health department. Medicine Hat laws require all items being sold that are baked or cooked MUST be out of a separate kitchen in order to be Legal. Also for health reasons and cross-contamination, you don't want to mix last night's chicken dinner with a baked cake.

Do you have to have your Food Safe Course?

Yes, you must have your Food Safe Course in order to run a cake company which I have acquired which I take every 3 years to update and refresh my food handling skills.

Do you offer Gluten-Free Cupcakes or Cakes?

We do not; reason being for an item to be officially gluten-free, it has to be baked in a completely separate kitchen away from all other baked items. Or the baked items have to have all their own separate equipment (pans, utensils, mixers, etc.)

Do you make sheet cakes/slab cakes?

Nope!! We leave those up to the grocery stores 🙂